February 13, 2020

EDI 864 Text Message

The EDI 864 Transaction Set is the electronic equivalent of a text message. This transaction is designed for the transmission of various communications in a human-readable form versus using computer processing. Information transmitted via the 864 could include; Read Messages Explanations Contracts An 864 document includes: Message Date And Time Recipient Identifying Information Free-Form Message… Read more »

February 13, 2020

EDI 820 Payment Order

The X12 820 transaction set provides the EDI format for transmitting information relating to payments. It is typically used in conjunction with an electronic transfer of funds for payment of goods, insurance premiums or other transactions. The actual funds transfer is often coordinated through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) system, and an 820 may be effectively… Read more »

February 11, 2020

EDI 810 Invoice Transaction Set

The EDI 810 Invoice transaction set is the electronic version of the paper-based invoice document. It is typically sent in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order as a request for payment once goods have shipped out or services have been provided. A vendor can create an EDI invoice transaction set (EDI 810) that usually… Read more »

February 11, 2020

EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement

The X12 855 transaction set is called a Purchase Order Acknowledgement. The 855 EDI transaction code is used by sellers to confirm the receipt of a purchase order (EDI 850) from the buyer, which completely eliminates one’s need to call or fax a confirmation document. The 855 also communicates whether the purchase order was accepted,… Read more »

February 10, 2020

Introduction To EDI

What is EDI? EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI combines a system and processes to give businesses the ability to exchange documents and transactions between trading partners in a standard electronic format. We can use a quick example of this, any retailer can send a purchase order (PO) to a vendor digitally using EDI… Read more »

February 7, 2020

EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement

EDI 997 – Functional Acknowledgement The EDI 997 transaction set is known as a Functional Acknowledgment or FA, which is often sent as a response to other EDI transactions received. An EDI 997 is the same thing as a receipt, it acknowledges a specific EDI transaction or a group of EDI transactions which was received.… Read more »

February 7, 2020

EDI 850 Purchase Order

EDI 850 – Purchase Order The EDI 850 is also refereed to by EDIFACT ORDERS and x12 850 Purchase Order. The EDI 850 represents an electronic purchase order that’s sent from a buyer to a seller, which request their want to buy goods or services. The electronic purchase order is one of the most common… Read more »

February 5, 2020

AI, The Cloud And Analytics Power Modern Inventory Management

Every stage, process and function across your global supply chain is vital. Just one failure in your supply chain can be enough disrupt the flow. This is exactly why inventory management is among the most consequential elements of your supply chain. It serves as the pillar for the whole end-to-end process, balancing the inbound flow… Read more »

February 4, 2020

EDI Basics For Retailers, E-Commerce And Grocers

In this guide, you’ll learn how EDI works for retailers, grocers and e-commerce retailers. Explore why companies in the retail industry use it to help automate, improve and speed up order management and other processes. Discover the benefits of EDI for your retail or grocery business, and how it can help you work better with… Read more »

February 3, 2020

What Is EDI Compliance?

EDI compliance refers to the ability to exchange business documents in the way your trading partner requires. Each document must adhere to a specific EDI format to ensure the successful exchange of EDI documents. Do You Need EDI Compliance? Nearly all major trading partners require you to be EDI compliant, this includes; Belks Bed Bath… Read more »