EDI 865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement Request

The EDI 865 transaction set is referred to as a Purchase Order Change Request/Acknowledgement Request. Sellers of goods and services transmit 865 documents for 2 general purposes. For one, the 865 can be used as an acknowledgment to communicate order changes previously submitted that were accepted or rejected. Secondly, changes made by sellers to previously… Read more »

EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request

The EDI 860 transaction set represents the electronic Purchase Order Change Request. It is used by buyers to request a change to a purchase order (EDI 850) they previously submitted. The 860 can be used by buyers for confirmation on changes accepted to purchase orders by the sellers. EDI 860 is very important as it… Read more »

Retail EDI Transactions

Retail EDI Transactions: 850, 852, 855, 856, 857 There’s a number of retail EDI transactions you want to become familiar with, these include but are not limited to; Purchase Order (EDI 850) Product Activity Data (EDI 852) Purchase Order Acknowledgment (EDI 855) Shipment Notice/Manifest (EDI 856) Shipment and Billing Notice (EDI 857) These retail EDI… Read more »

Benefits Of EDI

EDI is nothing new, its been around for many years. For multiple industries, EDI plays a key role in their company. Many business owners choose EDI because it saves them money and while that’s normally the case, EDI has many more benefits you should know about. In this article, we’re going to be discussing the… Read more »

EDI 857 Shipment And Billing Notice

This X12 Transaction Set includes the format and data contents of the Shipment and Billing Notice Transaction Set (857) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. This EDI transaction code gives the recipient of the shipment data for generating payments and receipt planning. There’s no question about it, with EDI,… Read more »

EDI 830 Planning Schedule With Release

The EDI 830 Planning Schedule transaction set is known as an electronic sales forecast. This transaction code can only be used in 1 of 3 ways. Used as a Sales Forecast Used as a Forecast and Authorization for recipient to Commit To Resources Used as a Forecast that will also includes Order Release Levels The… Read more »

EDI 856 Shipping Notice And Manifest

The EDI 856 transaction is more commonly called an EDI Advance Ship Notice, also referred to by EDI ASN. This EDI transaction code is used to electronically communicate shipment contents to another trading partner. This code would be sent in advance of a shipment arriving at the a trading partner’s facility. The 856 ship manifest… Read more »

EDI 864 Text Message

The EDI 864 Transaction Set is the electronic equivalent of a text message. This transaction is designed for the transmission of various communications in a human-readable form versus using computer processing. Information transmitted via the 864 could include; Read Messages Explanations Contracts An 864 document includes: Message Date And Time Recipient Identifying Information Free-Form Message… Read more »

EDI 820 Payment Order

The X12 820 transaction set provides the EDI format for transmitting information relating to payments. It is typically used in conjunction with an electronic transfer of funds for payment of goods, insurance premiums or other transactions. The actual funds transfer is often coordinated through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) system, and an 820 may be effectively… Read more »

EDI 810 Invoice Transaction Set

The EDI 810 Invoice transaction set is the electronic version of the paper-based invoice document. It is typically sent in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order as a request for payment once goods have shipped out or services have been provided. A vendor can create an EDI invoice transaction set (EDI 810) that usually… Read more »