Walmart Tightens Delivery Deadlines

Walmart’s new “must arrive by date” ratchets up supply chain pressure on vendors, shippers and carriers. Like most shippers, Walmart Stores is looking for a delivery guarantee from its suppliers. Unlike most others, the world’s largest retailer now is demanding one. While many retailers were scrambling last week for any space they could find out… Read more »

Poor Weather Causes Out of Stocks

According to the WSJ, the snowstorms that blanketed much of the country in the past week caught apparel retailers in short-sleeves. Most clothing chains have very little winter clothing left on their racks, the result of tightly managed inventories and better-than-expected holiday sales. But, with nearly 70% of the country covered in snow, store shelves… Read more »

How much do retail out of stocks cost?

A recent RIS article  titled, “How Much Are Out-of-Stocks Costing You? Much More Than You Might Think”, By Greg Buzek, provides more evidence that retail out of stocks are costing vendors huge lost sales.  Buzek quantifies the scope of the loss; “A retailer that invested in completely fixing its out-of-stock problem, would gain a solid… Read more »

Retail sales improvement requires careful forecasting

The WSJ reported retail sales Rose 3.3%, showing signs consumers are returning to stores.  This is a great sign for the retail market as it seems a turnaround may be in the works.  Macy’s posted a 3.4% increase, Saks reported 7% and Costco 8%.  As demand begins to increase, vendors need to keep a careful… Read more »

Analyzing Home Depot Market Sales

Over the past month or so, we have been rolling out new sales analysis for our Home Depot vendors on market performance.  Vendors to Home Depot using EDI 852 know buyers often want to receive sales analysis at a market level.  What we often find, however, is the analysis conducted does not take into consideration… Read more »

Lesson on the Golf Course

I went golfing the other day and got paired up with a guy named Henry. During the course of the afternoon, I came to find out Henry is a very successful business man who spent part of his career in insurance and now owns more than a dozen hotels in ‘retirement’. To me, retirement means… Read more »

Home Depot Cuts Jobs, Focuses on Supply Chain improvements

According to an article in the WS,J Home Depot is cutting 1,000 jobs.  CEO Frank Blake was careful to note the cuts are not due to business performance or economic concerns, but rather a reorganization of the business. The article contained a couple interesting insights into Home Depot’s business: they expect to add an average… Read more »

Store Sales Analysis

The primary purpose of a store analysis is to identify the stores which are making the largest contribution to total sales. When the highest contributing stores are identified, an analyst can study the characteristics of those stores, including SKU assortment, demographics, promotions, min/max on hand, and make recommendations on how other stores can be improved… Read more »

Top Questions About Point of Sale Data Analysis

Vendors are working hard to understand how to best use retail POS and inventory data, which is made available via EDI 852 or a web portal. Here are five very common questions vendors ask as they work with our team to put a data analysis solution in place. What is the difference between EDI 852… Read more »