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DIY, home and hardware brands

DIY, Home and Hardware vendors count on Accelerated Analytics to provide the expert point-of-sale reporting solution they need to empower their sales, marketing and store operations teams. These teams use our product- and store-level analytics to exceed sales goals, increase orders to fully stock their shelves, test plan-o-gram efficiencies, and prepare for line reviews.

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General merchandise and apparel

GM&A brands often have the unique challenge of managing very large number of UPCs. Apparel styles can have dozens of size and color combinations; shoe vendors have even more. Some items are replenished regularly, while others are unique to a season. Retailers provide the data in multiple formats, which often doesn't match. The Accelerated reporting service overcomes all these challenges and provides one centralized, accurate source of data.

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Consumer packaged goods

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) vendors have a large number of SKUs and most of them have a high sales volume. Products turn quickly and having full shelves is vital – an empty shelf is the stuff of your worst nightmares, especially if your competitors’ products are on the shelf next door! Your ability to track displays, plan-o-grams and customer promotions is critical. Many of the worlds largest CPG brands trust Accelerated as their data solution partner.

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