Our team works directly with each of your retail partners to directly collect all your data and load it into the Accelerated application. No more fussing around in portals, downloading Excel files, or trying to make sense of an EDI document. Let the Accelerated team handle all your data collection.

Beauty destinations

Ulta and Sephora’s large store count and geographic reach provide beauty brands with a large distribution opportunity. Their data however, is challenging to work with because it requires touching multiple sources including EDI, Excel files and portal documents.  Accelerated Analytics has a proprietary method for harmonizing the data to provide SKU insights by store, including audited dollars.

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Department stores

Department store data is as varied as the retailers themselves. Accelerated Analytics has direct contact with the department stores to quickly download all your sales data over the weekend. Including daily level sales for key retailers.

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Mass consumer

The large consumer retailers combined with drug stores have massive store counts and huge foot traffic which translates into a ton of POS data to handle. Our team supports some of the largest consumer brands in the world with ready to consume reports that drive consumer insights, help you track promotions, and better manage your inventory.

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DTC and speciality

Direct to consumer (Amazon, Shopify, yourbrand.com) and specialty are huge growth engines for brands of all sizes.  The data available in these channels requires special handling and care, especially if your goal is to harmonize the data with your other channels for a total view of your business. Which is why we designed the Accelerated application to natively consume and harmonize data from all of a beauty brands partners

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Discover more retailers

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