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Celebrating 20 years
Accelerated Analytics Sponsoring Beauty Design Awards
17 Aug, 2023 • Helen Thomas
Accelerated Analytics is very pleased to be sponsoring the Beauty Design Awards. The Beauty Design Awards celebrates the best of design in the Beauty Industry. 2023 is the fourth year of running the award. The award is founded and lead by beauty industry market research specialist Jennifer Carlsson.  Accelerated Analytics’ customers Bubble and Youthforia were... Read more »
How Does Severe Weather Impact Your Numbers?
01 Nov, 2022 • Accelerated Analytics
Accelerated Analytics always has our eye on the ball – through rain, snow, and especially major regional storm events. Seasonal weather is one thing, but when you run against storm events that cover the map, you’re bound to see major disruption to civilian and business life. From road closures to power and internet outages before,... Read more »
W.M. Barr
30 Nov, 2022 • Helen Thomas
Learn how just one of our reports gave W.M. Barr the insight to place over $700,000 of incremental income in a single year!
Safety Stock -
Safety Stock – Accelerated Analytics reviews
03 Oct, 2022 • Accelerated Analytics
In a perfect world, we would never run out of stock. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world and at some point, it can happen to you. To reduce the risk of stock out, companies maintain Safety Stock. Let’s dive into Safety Stock and how you can employ it to your advantage.
Beauty Pulling Its Weight With Retail Spending & Recovery
17 Aug, 2022 • Accelerated Analytics
Seeking out affordable “splurges”, consumers turn to the “lipstick index” for their shopping therapy. Foregoing the urge for a new TV or other big-ticket purchase, consumers are instead opting for smaller, prestige items and, without a second thought, are ultimately carrying the weight of the retail industry’s return to normal – with much of the... Read more »
Calculating Weeks Of Supply
Calculating Weeks of Supply (WOS)
17 Aug, 2022 • Accelerated Analytics
For 15 years, Accelerated Analytics has provided key retail analysis and business intelligence for brands across the globe. From long-range retail weather reports to updated consumer statistics. In this short Retail Data Brief video, we quickly review calculating Weeks Of Supply (or WOS). 

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