EDI 865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement Request

The EDI 865 transaction set is referred to as a Purchase Order Change Request/Acknowledgement Request.

Sellers of goods and services transmit 865 documents for 2 general purposes. For one, the 865 can be used as an acknowledgment to communicate order changes previously submitted that were accepted or rejected. Secondly, changes made by sellers to previously submitted purchase orders are communicated to the buyers in an 865 transaction (used as a Request).

The 865 represents one in a sequence of transactions in a typical business process involving a buyer (example: retailer) and a seller (example: manufacturer). That process would include the following exchanges;

  • A buyer would submit a 850 Purchase Order to a seller to order products.
  • The seller would respond with a 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment transaction.
  • A buyer that needs to make changes to the original Purchase Order would use a 860 Purchase Order Change Request to communicate the changes.
  • The seller would accept or reject the buyer’s changes using a EDI 865 Acknowledgement transaction.
  • The seller could request changes to the original purchase order also, using the 865 Request transaction.

Do keep in mind, an acknowledgement of a buyer’s purchase order change request can be communicated to the seller in two ways, with a 855 Acknowledge or with a 865 Acknowledgment. This is the buyer’s choice, they would likely follow their own EDI Guidelines to determine which it would be. The EDI 865 transaction usually includes the same information that appears in a purchase order (850 transaction set), such as shipping details, product descriptions, item quantities, terms and costs. In the scenario where changes are made, it may also include references to what is changed from the original purchase order. It will also include a code to indicate whether the document is being used as a Request or as an Acknowledgement.

EDI 865 Specifications

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request Transaction Set (865) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. EDI 865 can be used to communicate the acceptance or rejection of changes to earlier submitted purchase orders by the seller. It can also be used to notify the buyer of changes initiated by the seller to a previously submitted purchase order by the seller.