Retail Forecasting: Why It’s Vital To Your Growth

Retail forecasting can be tricky if you don’t know how to do forecasting or you don’t have the technology to track your retail data. Fortunately, we have some amazing software and tools to help you accurately track your POS data. With POS data on hand, you’ll be able to create retail forecast for your business.… Read more »

What Is Product Distribution?

Distribution refers to the process of selling and delivering products or services from manufacturer to customer. As companies grow, it becomes vital to improve your distribution to ensure that everyone in your distribution channel is happy. Depending on the network of your distribution channel, there can be many people and strategies involved in a company’s… Read more »

What Is Safety Stock?

Safety stock is a retail term used to refer to an additional quantity of items help by a company in inventory to reduce the risk of being out of stock. In a perfect world, we would never run out of stock. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world and at some point, it can happen to… Read more »

Reorder Point Formula: How To Calculate ROF

Reordering products are easy, right? Well, not so fast. When it comes to determining reorder points, there’s a lot you have to consider. This is why many retailers use a reorder point formula. If you don’t know what a reorder point formula (ROF) is, it’s defined by a specific time for you to order new… Read more »

What Is Year-Over-Year (YOY)?

One of the most popular and most used financial comparisons in the world is the year-over-year method, also referred to as YOY. By using YOY, anyone can compare two or more measurable events on a yearly basis. If you’re a retailer that collects POS Data, you’re likely familiar with YOY as your POS Reports likely give… Read more »

Ending Inventory Formula: How To Calculate EIF

When it comes to important calculations for your business, ending inventory formula is one that’s super important. Ending inventory formula is used to calculate the value of goods available for sale at the end of the accounting period. When it comes to inventory management and utilizing your POS data, these formulas can play an important… Read more »

Inventory Control: What Is It And How To Control Any Amount Of Inventory

If you’re familiar with inventory management, you’ve likely heard of “inventory control.” Just in case you haven’t, inventory control refers to the process used to maximize a company’s use of inventory. The main goal of inventory control is to generate the maximum amount of profit from the least amount of inventory. Among companies that have… Read more »

Demand Forecasting: What It Is And What You Should Know

The definition of demand forecasting is exactly how it sounds, it refers to the process of using historical sales data to build an estimate of an expected forecast of customer demand. The purpose of demand forecasting is to provide your company with an estimate of the amount of services or goods that customers will purchase… Read more »

Price Analysis VS Cost Analysis

While both price analysis and cost analysis are familiar terms in business, the two terms are sometimes confused with one another or their true meanings are took out of context. We want to help you clear them both up as business analytics are always valuable to a company that knows how to read such data.… Read more »