How Does Severe Weather Impact Your Numbers?

Accelerated Analytics always has our eye on the ball – through rain, snow, and especially major regional storm events.

Seasonal weather is one thing, but when you run against storm events that cover the map, you’re bound to see major disruption to civilian and business life. From road closures to power and internet outages before, during, and even after the storm has passed. As brand management teams and supply chain specialists alike seek answers as to why their numbers have dipped throughout the region, the answer is often right there in the news. But where can you get the raw data? Don’t worry… our team is on it.

The Severe Weather Impact Report (or “SWIR”) is our periodical report that dives into major weather events like Hurricane Ian (2022). This report compiles raw data from multiple sources that begins to outline how and where the storm has impacted your customers.

In this, our latest report, we dive into Hurricane Ian. Even as we still work to gain insight on the impact that this multi-state event has had on our country, civilian psyche, and yes… retail norms, we can nevertheless already see that we’ve got a long road ahead of us before numbers in affected regions are back up to speed.

After all, the choice between purchasing at Lowes or The Home Depot, Ace or Tractor Supply Co. may (for a short while) be less about familiarity or even brand loyalty… and more about access due to downed trees, power lines, or even bridges. How does this affect your brand or the supply chain as a whole? The SWIR might help your team better understand.

To download the SWIR, head over to our resources section here.

Accelerated Analytics helps brands not only drive success with their business, but demonstrate ownership of coveted retail shelf space. We work with the raw data that retailers provide (such as portal files, EDI 852 documents, etc.) and help make sense of this data, organizing it into practical, actionable, and human-readable data points that help your brand management team navigate the daily changes in consumer tides. A level of inventory management, nimbleness, and readiness that retailers like Ulta expect, yet don’t always see. We know Ulta…

Check out our dedicated Ulta Reports here. Then, let’s set up a meet to look over your brand’s use of its available data and how our sales reporting tools can help your brand specifically stay ahead of the curve at box stores like Target and Ulta.