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W.M. Barr
30 Nov, 2022 • Helen Thomas
Learn how just one of our reports gave W.M. Barr the insight to place over $700,000 of incremental income in a single year!
03 Jun, 2022 • Helen Thomas
Learn exactly what data LVMH can now see every day by store and brand, and how historical data has helped them plan for promotions and seasonal selling.
01 Dec, 2021 • Helen Thomas
Learn how store-level detail and exceptional customer service has made Kidde one of our most loyal customers.
T3 Micro
13 Jun, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
Discover how T3 Micro leveraged Accelerated Analytics' multi-team data collection and reporting features promoted visibility and collaboration across teams.
Vera Bradley
13 Mar, 2020 • Helen Thomas
Learn exactly how seeing all of their sales data across retailers in a consistent format helped the team at Vera Bradley react quickly and capitalize on opportunities.

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