Accelerated Analytics Launches Augmented POS Analytics Reporting Platform

September 27, 2018 – BRADENTON, FL – Accelerated Analytics launched a new version of its retail POS reporting portal to its customer base today. The enhanced platform boasts a modern look and feel and an updated user interface. Providing its customers with the “Tools You Need to Win at Retail” is a prime directive of the company. Their best-practice reports provide retail brands with key performance indicators with inventory and sales exceptions to pinpoint out of stocks, low or high weeks of supply, sales performance and trends, all down to an item/store level. Their cloud-based, Microsoft platform has multiple access and distribution methods for their users. Additional enrichments to the portal came directly from customer feedback and from Accelerated Analytics retail data analytics experts.

“As thought-leaders in POS analysis in the retail industry, we are excited about the tools we are providing our customers to help them be the most effective and fastest moving brands in retail. This latest product launch gives them the data in a way that allows them to make faster, smarter and targeted decisions, and manage their business more effectively “, says CEO and Founder, Chad Symens.

Accelerated Analytics provides this best-practice reporting across multiple retail segments, including DIY, home and hardware, beauty, and fashion. Their web site provides more detail on specific reporting by industry and by each users’ role in their company.