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Account Executive

It’s Monday morning, and you’ve just run several reports to check on your business and set priorities for today and the rest of the week.

You no longer spend hours merging data and manually putting it all together; with Accelerated Analytics, you’ve run your reports in just minutes and they’re already in the format you need! Now, you can spend time actually using the reports to track progress toward your sales goals, and you can instantly see where you’re out of stock – right down to a product and store level. You analyze your product mix and use the Accelerated Analytics charts and data to prepare for your line review in half the time it used to take. You just called your buyer with an increased purchase order and updated him on the latest display performance. He LOVES the U.S. heat maps and, more importantly, he trusts your insights because you know your product turn, and how SKUs are selling in all of your stores and in their competitor’s stores. Boom!


Marketing and Planning Executive

You’re preparing for your line review.

You sell hundreds of SKUs and need to be able to prepare an analysis easily. You know your products are exceptional, but you need proof to validate your claims. Hello, Accelerated Analytics! Now, you run reports that provide ideal store and customer profile data, product sales, and inventory data – regionally and by store. You have access to price points, plan-o-gram efficiencies, turn rates, inventory to sales comps, and competitor data. You use this information to provide recommendations that will help your retailer increase sales, profits and market share, while minimizing space and inventory investment. Along the way, you can demonstrate how your assortment and merchandising presentation will resonate with a retailer’s customers.


Store Field Rep

It’s Monday morning and you need to plan your store visits for next week.

You used to follow the same pattern of store visits each week, and count on store management to address any issues in their stores when you visit them. Now, you have a targeted approach for the week! You know which stores aren’t performing to plan, you can quickly identify out-of-stocks and weeks-of-supply, and you have an analysis by plan-o-gram to give specific suggestions at each store you visit. The result? You’re visiting the stores where you can make the greatest impact.


IT Manager

It’s Monday morning and your company just launched the Accelerated Analytics tool last week.

You arrive at work and unlike every previous Monday, you don’t have to spend hours collecting data from your retailers, calling retailers to find late data, or logging into portals to manually pull information. Are you in an alternate dimension? Nope. Your reporting solution with Accelerated Analytics is simply in production! The data that your team relies on has already been collected and harmonized by Accelerated Analytics, and the reports have been automatically distributed to your end users. Your voicemail isn’t full of messages from the sales and field teams asking where their reports are, because they already have them, and can focus on hitting their sales goals and filling inventory gaps. If there’s something else they need, they now have the tools to research the information themselves. Across your organization, everyone is looking at the same reports and is on the same page. You’ve eliminated a major drain on your resources, and the ROI is already being felt throughout the company. You grab a cup of coffee and start working on a new technology initiative that’s been on the back-burner for months. It’s going to be a productive week!

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