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Imagine it is first thing Monday morning and your team needs the latest sales data.

You log in to the Accelerated Analytics portal, and in under 20 minutes you’re able to pull the reports and give everyone exactly what they need. You’ve e-mailed a scorecard of top-line business results across all of your retailers to the executives, you’ve sent UPC/store level reports of units and dollar sales, sell thru, and percent-to-plan data to the field sales teams, and your planners have already accessed the exception reports on their smart devices so they can address store-level sales and out-of-stocks with their buyers. Nice!


Business Planner

You’re about to meet with a buyer at your key department store account.

Just before your meeting, you log in to the Accelerated Analytics portal to access historical data. Based on past sales, you’re able to easily predict inventory needs and suggest order quantities to the buyer. At the meeting, your numbers match the buyer’s number perfectly (Wait, what? Yup, perfectly), so instead of trying to resolve data and number differences, you’re able to spend the entire meeting discussing strategies to drive sales in their stores. There’s a promotion coming up, and you’re ready to monitor price points and the success of your promotion in this retailer’s store versus their competitors.

You just walked into the office Monday morning.

Remember when you used to spend most of Monday mornings downloading portal files? Accelerated Analytics data allows you to ID color and size preference by market and plan future buy-in to maximize sales and avoid markdowns. Now you spend Monday mornings planning size and color assortments.


Field Rep

You’re about to visit your stores.

You have all of the exception data you need – where you’re out of stock, where stock isn’t moving (better check for the box in a back room!) and more – and with Accelerated Analytics now you can take that information with you into the stores on your iPad. Instead of showing up at a store and walking the floor to see how your business is doing, or waiting for the manager to provide you with sales numbers, you have the information in hand and can address each store’s individual issues.


IT Manager

It’s Monday morning and your company just launched the Accelerated Analytics tool last week.

You arrive at work and unlike every previous Monday, you don’t have to spend hours collecting data from your retailers, calling retailers to find late data, or logging into portals to manually pull information. Are you in an alternate dimension? Nope. Your reporting solution with Accelerated Analytics is simply in production! The data that your team relies on has already been collected and harmonized by Accelerated Analytics, and the reports have been automatically distributed to your end users. Your voicemail isn’t full of messages from the sales and field teams asking where their reports are, because they already have them, and can focus on hitting their sales goals and filling inventory gaps. If there’s something else they need, they now have the tools to research the information themselves. Across your organization, everyone is looking at the same reports and is on the same page. You’ve eliminated a major drain on your resources, and the ROI is already being felt throughout the company. You grab a cup of coffee and start working on a new technology initiative that’s been on the back-burner for months. It’s going to be a productive week!

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