Home Depot Crushes Q2 2018 Sales

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Home Depot Q2 2018 Sales, Accelerated Analytics’ Customers Up 8.9 Percent

The Home Depot announced its Q2 2018 sales results, and once again it was a smashing success story for the DIY retailer. Accelerated Analytics checked the results of our customers who sell in and use our reporting for managing their business with The Home Depot. For the third straight quarter, our customers outperformed Home Depot’s total sales results!

Are you a Home Depot DIY retailer? Accelerated Analytics customers reported an 8.9% increase in US store comp sales over last year. Home Depot at large reported an increase of 8.1% over 2017 for the same period. Our customers are using our reporting and analysis tools to decrease out of stocks, improve store performance and reduce lost sales opportunities. Being the third quarter in a row of this superb trend is a testament to our customers and our tools!

If you’re a DIY retailer that wants to increase sales and performance, Accelerated Analytics can help. Our POS data analysis and reporting tools will allow you to see your data as a whole so you can start making real-time decisions that will impact the performance of your business. If you’re tired of trying to make sense out of all your data and missing out on the many opportunities you have to grow your company, we can help.

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