POS Analysis – Analysis and Reporting Made Easy

Still messing with manual?

If you are a vendor supplying to a retailer, you are no doubt receiving POS and inventory data. Sorting out all of that data can be a real headache, considering the files can be different for each retailer. Your team probably spends hours each week manually entering data, creating spreadsheets and then preparing reports.

Accelerated Analytics® can eliminate all of this wasted time. As a SaaS, we will gather all of your POS data files automatically – no software to purchase or hardware to support.

Using Accelerated Analytics® eases your POS reporting headaches. We handle the data conversion, database hosting and reporting. We even provide training and the end user reporting tools. 

Accelerated Analytics® benefits:

  • Eliminate manual data entry and manipulation
  • Consolidate all retail data into one reporting database
  • Pre-built exception reports with color coded dashboards
  • No software or hardware to purchase
  • Sophisticated, easily exportable charts and graphs

Available reports:

  • This week/last week sales and inventory by store and SKU
  • This month/last month sales and inventory by store and SKU
  • 6 week rolling sales and inventory by store and SKU
  • Sell-thru
  • Inventory turns
  • Days supply on hand
  • and more! Just ask us.

Accelerated Analytics® will help you with accurate forecasting changes in sales and inventory, so you can make adjustments before a costly mistake occurs. Our POS reporting is the best on the market.

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