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MAXIMIZING SUCCESS IN RETAIL begins with insights gained through analyzing your POS data.

EDI 852 Reporting

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While the information inside the document can vary by retailer, the EDI 852 can include units and dollars sold and returned, units on hand and units on order. The data includes every item at every store for a given period of time, usually weekly. Arguably the best thing about using EDI 852 is that the data is sent automatically and quickly at the end of each week. However, this can be a lot of raw data to collect and turn into meaningful reports for executives, sales, inventory planning, store operations and retail analysts to use.

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Organizing the data from EDI 852 requires the ability to add product descriptions, store descriptions, geography and calendaring. Accelerated Analytics can collect the EDI 852, process it along with store and product information, and provide reports that enable end users to look at sales and inventory levels easily and with flexibility. From top-line sales to this year/last year comparisons to item-store specific results, end users can quickly and easily see into their business. The time Accelerated Analytics saves you by doing all the data aggregation for you can now be spent focusing on growing your business.


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EDI 852 Data


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Accelerated Analytics can use the EDI 852 data to extrapolate critical key performance indicators that are needed in the retail industry. Our reports calculate and give users instant views into inventory turns, out-of-stocks, weeks of supply, sales velocity and trends, gross margin, average sales, sell-through, active store counts, percent-to-totals, this year/last year, and month/season/year to date totals.

The critical data and actionable insights we provide empower users to make the best-informed decisions to maximize profitability, meet consumer demand and soar above the competition.


The one-on-one time that Accelerated spends with us and the degree to which they understand our business is tremendous. There’s nothing I can do on a computer that compares to the personal attention they give us.”

Rabia Manning, Sales Analyst, W.M. Barr

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The ubiquity of the EDI 852 document in the retail industry means that vendors can gather this data from most, if not all, of their retailers. This enables them to perform meaningful analysis when comparing results between retailers and by geographic regions.

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Collecting the EDI 852 from multiple retailers multiplies the work each week to aggregate and process. Outsourcing this aggregation to Accelerated Analytics prevents team members from working in a “silo” and saves time and resources to do this work.

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The typical 25-50 hours a vendor would spend per week processing and reporting the EDI data can instead be used to focus on growing the business. The robust reports, available first thing every Monday morning, allows a vendor to make accurate business decisions more quickly.

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EDI 852 information delivers insights regarding product performance. The information can be analyzed by store level, vertical, geographic location or product line, helping to enable businesses to optimize the planning and management of inventory.

Suppliers, brands and retailers enjoy the time-saving, cost-cutting, 
bottom-line-boosting benefits of POS data analytics.