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WE MAKE IT EASY for you to leverage point-of-sale data in your day-to-day operations. In 2019, the way to stay ahead of the curve is by utilizing POS data to gain a competitive advantage and identify new sales opportunities.

Inventory Management
Retail Inventory Management



It’s Monday morning and your retailers are asking this: “Did you see the sales for [SKU] at [store] last week? What do you recommend for stock levels going forward?” What do you do?

Can you answer on the spot? Or are you paying an entire team to produce the sales reporting from your national retail accounts, only for the reports to not be ready until late in the week?



Ten years ago, the sales support team at Kidde received hard copies of sales reports from their retailers and utilized the information the best they could to get the details they needed. Other POS data reporting companies were unable meet their needs. The Accelerated Analytics team stepped up, providing a user-friendly tool that offered Kidde’s team the flexibility to view their data the way they wanted to. Kidde has been a customer since 2008.


Inventory management can be a struggle for vendors; gathering raw data, then formatting and analyzing it is arduous, often marked by an obvious delay in response time. Omnichannel retail requires retailers and vendors to have instant, accurate and store-SKU specific sight into their inventory. Shoppers have high expectation that they can source, find, buy and return products any way and anywhere they want. Knowing where the products are and where they are not available is critical. 
Vendors need real-time insights. Accelerated Analytics eases your inventory headaches by automating your reports, integrating data from retail partners & distributors to provide you with the most up-to-date organized, consumable data possible.


Omnichannel Retail Inventory Management
Inventory Management Solutions



Using our popular Inventory On-Hand Exceptions report in conjunction with the Accelerated Analytics’ unique Sales Velocity Analysis reports, your sales, planners and store operations teams can manage your data to pinpoint the areas that need your attention in time to take action to improve product performance. 
Instantly see, by SKU and store, out-of-stocks and where stock levels and sales activity are creating low or high weeks of supply. Work with your merchant with real-time inventory facts to create orders that keep inventory optimized.

This, in turn, will increase your sell-through.


Accelerated Analytics® provides an automated, multi-layered inventory aggregation with streamlined reporting to help strengthen store success, save time and eliminate unnecessary manual tasks.


STRONGER inventory management

thanks to our streamlined approach

Our method maximizes your ROI by reducing the time you spend gathering data and creating reports by 90 PERCENT; reducing “missing” stock by 80 PERCENT; and improving the ease of tracking out-of-stocks at the level by 100 PERCENT.


FASTER decision-making

made easier with real-time data

Gone are the days of working several days in a silo, gathering data and compiling reports manually. With Accelerated Analytics time-saving, unique tools, everyone across your organization can view the same reports – no manipulation or formatting needed!


SMARTER strategizing

with cross-retailer views and easy collaboration.

Track promotions, product launches and pop-up display activities instantly. Our web-based analytics and mobile access allow your team to stay focused on making sales goals and keeping the competitive edge.


“It’s very timely, very efficient and very accurate. It’s the easiest tool I have ever used.”

Cindy Rogers, Sales Support Manager, Kidde

Retail Inventory Management Analysis


We transform your data into readable reports that will be useful in bringing more shoppers through your doors as well as helping you to optimize your marketing efforts and give you deeper insights into your customers. With easily-exported, formatted reports, access to your data cube for ad hoc reports and a full team behind you the whole way, analyzing POS data doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task for business decision-makers.

Increase Sales with Inventory Management


Identify trends, optimize assortments
and track promotions

We’ll give you the critical data and actionable insights that you need to win at retail. We apply exception conditions to quickly draw attention to slow moving items or stock-out situations, as well as images, charts and dashboards to visually identify trends. Empowered to make faster and better-informed decisions, you’ll be able to improve efficiency, increase sales and maximize profitability. With the right products in the right stores at the right times, your customers will be able to find and buy your products. Meeting the expectations of your customers is every retailer’s top priority and the key to your success.

Optimize Inventory Management


Forecast accurately, reduce out of stocks, improve GMROI

Stop playing catch-up and struggling to stay ahead of common retail issues. With Accelerated Analytics, you’ll understand demand at a store level, making it easier to respond to hot-selling items and local preferences. You’ll be able to closely monitor promotion effectiveness for maximum results. And, with our forecast reports and low inventory and out-of-stock alerts, you’ll be able to manage store performance and ensure that your products are on the selling floor. In a nutshell, we’ll empower you to make data-driven inventory decisions that result in your customers being able to find and buy your product.

Inventory Management Analysis


No more racing against the clock… 

…to gather, consolidate and analyze your POS data in time to make a meaningful decision. We know how to integrate your item catalog, shipping data, markdown information and other key files for a comprehensive view of your business. Your reports will be ready within hours of retailers transmitting your data, enabling you to visually identify trends and quickly pinpoint slow moving items or stock-out situations. You’ll be able to leverage data to collaborate quickly and execute strategies that will optimize inventory levels and increase sales. And all of that valuable time you saved? It can be spent where it matters most – growing your business.