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We’re On the Way Back… Just Slowly – Keep An Eye On The Ball.
09 Dec, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
While 2020 saw a slough of retail closures, whether temporary (in response to regional COVID outbreaks) or permanently for this and a myriad of other reasons, 2021 saw only slight improvements throughout what many insiders had high hopes would be a year of return to more traditional numbers – at least partially. But not to... Read more »
COVID-19 adds to the cart in benefits of DOTCOM
16 Nov, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
All eyes are on this season’s Black Friday numbers. The industry’s been watching the holiday numbers with growing anticipation for the past few months, but this season’s Black Friday will be one of the first bellwether events that we can point to in order to identify the most accurate forecasting markers being used. However, the... Read more »
A strong retail holiday season dangles before us…
04 Oct, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
As a strong retail holiday season dangles before us – B&M retailers race to restock inventory. The Supply Chain hasn’t quite recovered from the onslaught of online purchases initially fueled by convenience and later by the global pandemic (for perspective, a relatively common once-in-100-year natural cycle of viral hardship that is, for the most part,... Read more »
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COVID rears its ugly head – this time upsetting DIY retail spending
01 Sep, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
The Delta variant of COVID-19 has up-ended high expectations of a solid economic return… But this time, as opposed to last year, we’re seeing its negative effects in the seemingly pandemic-proof DIY space. Despite a five-quarter financial high, the numbers are now in and Lowe’s and The Home Depot are seeing data suggesting that the... Read more »
Will the ebb and flow of mask guidelines outpace consumer patience?
30 Jul, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
As mask guidelines change, consumer experiences will be affected, but can retail leadership help? Let’s dive in… CDC mask guidelines have now largely reverted to the more stringent standards we saw a year ago during the (previous) worst peaks of the pandemic. And as retailers across the United States play catch-up with these newly-updated guidelines,... Read more »
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What is LVMH clueing into that we could learn from?
21 Jun, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
Louis Vuitton-owner LVMH says the future of retail is in-store Whether you take it as a foreboding insight or a position requiring a grain of salt, their research shows that Brick & Mortar is still king… for the foreseeable future, anyway. According to the chief financial officer at LVMH, Jean Jacques Guiony, the consumer still... Read more »
Are retail brands REALLY ready for the post-COVID rush?
26 May, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
Omnichannel B&M retailers are scrambling Don’t high-five just yet… as we appear to be rounding the corner on the global pandemic that has not only immediately affected retail B&M sales, disrupted major Supply Chains, and reshaped the retail landscape, there’s another shift (or two) on the horizon. First and foremost, we all have to familiarize... Read more »
Ulta Score Card Report Demo
What did Ulta learn from the Pandemic?
21 Apr, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
They got back to the basics… When the pandemic hit last year, few were fully prepared. How could you be? In our lean and mean industry where shelf space is precious and timing is key, there’s little room for catastrophic, once-in-a-century events to come pushing through the supply chain. But that’s exactly what happened. So... Read more »
Ulta Score Card Report Demo
New Ulta Demo Videos Showcase Powerful Ulta Reporting Tools
26 Mar, 2021 • Accelerated Analytics
New Ulta Demo Videos The Accelerated Analytics team releases 9, new Ulta report demo videos, showcasing many of the features that the reports offer our customers. As Ulta remains the largest beauty retailer, with over 1,200 stores, we continue to see growing interest in the reports. The new series of videos available here, are aimed... Read more »

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