Are retail brands REALLY ready for the post-COVID rush?

Omnichannel B&M retailers are scrambling

Don’t high-five just yet… as we appear to be rounding the corner on the global pandemic that has not only immediately affected retail B&M sales, disrupted major Supply Chains, and reshaped the retail landscape, there’s another shift (or two) on the horizon. First and foremost, we all have to familiarize ourselves with the new consumer shopper.


It’s not enough for B&M retailers to be safe, they have to feel safe. We are looking at multiple and vast consumer re-education campaigns that don’t yet seem to have been launched en mass. Nevertheless, the shoppers are coming – ready and anxious to get back to the norm. But are we ready for the influx? B&M retailers are now scrambling…


  • to satisfy now-largely-adopted online consumer purchasing habits as this becomes a stronger contender of brand sales,
  • to adjust to new omnichannel legs including marketplaces, social media sites and last-mile delivery partners, and
  • to welcome the expected returning Summer influx of newly vaccinated customers stepping back into “the norm”.


The pandemic has given a significant boost to DOTCOM, but as we enter an omnichannel rebalancing stage in the upcoming months, balancing your inventory distribution based on solid numbers is going to be a make-or-break brand capability. Let’s talk: set up a quick walkthrough of our platform and review of your operations here.

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