2016 Was a Great Year for DIY Retail

The holiday season is upon us, and how DIY retail will fare remains to be seen, but 2016 by most accounts has been a great year for DIY retail. The North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) is estimating industry growth for 2016 to end at 5.8%. The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) is estimating a little higher, at 6%. The US Census Bureau reports home improvement industry sales through September at 6.7% growth over 2015.

Building materials and home improvement retail sales are 3 to 1 higher than overall retail sales increases for this year.

What has led to the success, and which areas in the DIY space have seen the best results?

Most economists agree that the renewed housing market seen in 2016 will continue into 2017. Add to that higher consumer confidence rates, multi-family housing construction has led to higher sales at home centers and lumber dealers. Remodeling projects and big-ticket purchases are stronger. Big ticket items, such as appliances, have seen the biggest sales uptick in the segment.

Accelerated Analytics DIY customers, using their retailer POS data to analyze sales and inventory, are experiencing the same trends. Across the Accelerated Analytics customer index, June and July showed poor results, followed by an improving August and strong September. 20% of Accelerated Analytics customers’ sales tickets are big ticket items, over $900 per sale. These items were identified as appliances and other expensive items, along with supporting/supplemental products.

The NHRA is predicting 2017 sales to continue this trend and that home improvement product sales should continue to outpace overall retail sales in 2017, anticipating DIY industry growth in the range of 5%.

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