What is LVMH clueing into that we could learn from?

Louis Vuitton-owner LVMH says the future of retail is in-store

Whether you take it as a foreboding insight or a position requiring a grain of salt, their research shows that Brick & Mortar is still king… for the foreseeable future, anyway. According to the chief financial officer at LVMH, Jean Jacques Guiony, the consumer still craves the in-store experience.

Backed by data on their end Mr. Guiony opines “We see the future being two things: being mostly retail stores, because the client experience in a retail store cannot be matched easily online. As of today, I mean, no one has found the sort of miracle formula that would enable clients to enjoy as much online… the second point is also to enrich this experience with online content…”

While few dispute the back-and-forth battle between DOTCOM and B&M for retail customer attention and dollars, the battle lines seem to be drawn further one direction or the other based on data that retailers gather and hold on to. What’s your data showing? If you’re not monitoring daily inventory across retailers, regions, DOORS and by SKUs… we need to talk… set up a quick walkthrough of our platform and review of your operations here.

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