A strong retail holiday season dangles before us…

As a strong retail holiday season dangles before us – B&M retailers race to restock inventory.

The Supply Chain hasn’t quite recovered from the onslaught of online purchases initially fueled by convenience and later by the global pandemic (for perspective, a relatively common once-in-100-year natural cycle of viral hardship that is, for the most part, facing post-industrial consumerism head on for the first time e.g. “Spanish Flu… meet the mall”).

As we’ve seen over the last several buying seasons, box retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy have been pivoting any which way they can in order to stay on top of a widely-shifting market and now, with an increasing number of vaccinated consumers and a declining number of COVID cases in the US, they’re eager to get caught up and back to the norm – whatever that is going forward.

In fact, these national brands have already begun replenishing their stockpiles (and significantly so), with some retailers charting a double-digit increase in percentage of their inventories. Of course, retail sales data has been paramount in navigating all retail decisions to now, but as we shift into replenishing and making sense of consumer purchasing on the other side of COVID, POS data will become even more of a key player in the decisions that brand manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors have to make in order to keep up with retailer pivots… and ultimately those of the consumer as well.

We can help set up your team with the tools to navigate these waters. Daily inventory across retailers, regions, DOORS and by SKUs? Yeah, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk… set up a quick walkthrough of our platform and review of your operations here.

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