Accelerated Analytics Develops Future Data Scientists


Retail Analytics Leader Works with School

Students from Florida Polytechnic University will be undertaking two Capstone projects with Accelerated Analytics in 2018-19. The students involved are studying Data Science, Computer Science and Information Technology, and the projects are part of the Senior Design program. Both projects involve Data Aggregation and Machine Learning.

Accelerated Analytics is very proud to work with this talented group of students.  FPU selected ten projects for Data Science/Business Analytics, and two of those are working with Accelerated Analytics. Forbes magazine predicted that demand for these job roles will spike by 28% by 2020. Data Science and Analyst jobs are among the most challenging to fill, taking five days longer to find qualified candidates than the market average. As thought leaders in retail analytics, Accelerated Analytics is committed to contributing to the education of future experts in their industry. Careers at Accelerated Analytics can be found on their web site.

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