Accelerated Analytics’ Home Depot Customers Win in Q3

POS Reporting

Accelerated Analytics customers who sell into Home Depot once again outpaced results for year over year US comp sales. Home Depot reported a 5.4% increase in year over year US sales comps for the quarter, as part of 5.1% overall sales increase over Q3 2017. Accelerated Analytics customers grew an average of 5.9%, topping The Home Depot overall.

The Home Depot also reported top performing department trends included appliances, electrical, plumbing, tools, decor and flooring. Every one of these departments are represented in Accelerated Analytics’ customer base. Customers use our Power Pack of reporting tools to control out of stocks, deal with weather trends and prepare for line reviews. On top of tracking point of sale activity, they are some of the strongest partners with their retailers.

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