Our Power Packs Go Beyond What Comes in Free Portals

With 15 years in the DIY sales and inventory reporting business, and over 50 years of retail experience, Accelerated Analytics offers “Power Packs” of reports expertly crafted for home and hardware brands. Our reports provide instant access to key performance indicators and measures that brands need to monitor results and drive business success at The Home Depot POS Reporting Solutions and Lowe’s. Brands are able to obtain some information directly from the retailers’ portals, so you may be asking what our consultative reports have that the free portals don’t. Easier to use, with greater flexibility and more robust data, our reports can be leveraged to improve sales comps and optimize inventory.

While brands can use the free retailer portals, the process of managing that data each week still presents challenges:

  • Extraction from each portal is manual, separate and difficult to merge into spreadsheets, and can take several days to get together, losing valuable time to take action on last week’s results
  • Retailer-specific SKUs need to be cross referenced to each other and to internal brand SKUs
  • Store information, product descriptions and attributes, comps and calendaring need manual manipulation or are not incorporated at all
  • Distribution to teams is manual, difficult and time consuming
  • Actionable insights are not readily called out, such as out of stocks or lost sales opportunities

Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of Home Depot Link, Lowe’s DART and Accelerated Analytics for more details on what our robust “Power Pack” of reports can provide!

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