The Top 5 Retail POS Reports in 2017

Whether they sell lighting fixtures or lip gloss, our customers understand the power of leveraging retail POS data to gain valuable insights into their business. And while the go-to reports for a planning executive for a cosmetics company might be different from the reports that a hardware store field rep relies on each day, there are five Accelerated Analytics reports that emerged as customer favorites across all brand categories in 2017:

Print & Go Door Level Report

Most often used by Beauty vendors, Print & Go Door Level Reports reveal a brand’s most important store level activity and sales results. Each page of the report is designed to reflect activity for a particular door and the report is designed so the user can quickly see results from a product category perspective. At a glance, the user can see last week’s sales, comp to last year, % to plan, and balance to get to plan. In addition to the prior week, the report shows month, season, and year to date results, as well as full prior year and current contribution to their total chain. The report displays such that each page reflects one door. This report is ideal to distribute to store managers and beauty consultants on the selling floor so they can direct sales and inventory to meet and exceed plan goals.

Store Sales Data Report

In addition to specific sales and inventory levels at each store, the Store Sales Data Report shows the number of active stores, weeks selling in stores, sell through, sales-to-stock ratios, weeks-of-supply and turn. With flexible date ranges, this report is a great snapshot of store performance with this year/last year comps. Online sales are also represented as a “store” in the report. The report helps identify top and bottom performing stores and their contribution to total sales within a retailer. Cross-retailer views also allow for competitive analysis for stores that are in the same geographical area.

Geographic Store Across Retailers Report

Because your data is multi-retailer, you can look at product level performance across geography and across retailers. Where is your customer buying? What is your customer buying? What sells better at each retailer? How did your product launch or promotion go? What is your product inventory spread across retailers? This report is critical to gain a better internal analysis of your business.

Dashboard/Scorecard Report

Dashboards and scorecard reports quickly identify units and dollars sales metrics, as well as top and bottom performing products and stores. The report can be run from a total corporate, retailer-specific and store-specific view, as well as blend cross-retailer information to identify performance across your key accounts.

Product-to-Date Report

In addition to the basics, the Product-to-Date Report shows sales-to-stock ratios and weeks-of-supply with on-hand and on-order inventory levels. In-stock percentages, turns and average units and dollars are also displayed.

Infographic: Top 5 Reports of 2017

Request and download our infographic detailing the benefits of each of our top 5 reports: