Accelerated Customers with Home Depot Reporting Outperform Others in 2017!

Analytics Clients Outperform Field Congratulations to our customers working with The Home Depot! Last month, THD released it’s Q4 performance, reporting 7.5% growth in sales over the same period prior year. During the same period, our THD customers more than doubled that pace, posting a collective 16.3% increase in sales over the prior year. Long term sales growth guidance for THD as we go into 2018 is 4.5-6.0%. During the Q4 Conference call, THD highlighted it’s initiatives to increase same-day or next-day local delivery to consumers from the stores and increased pickup in-store for online orders. Targeted marketing and customer experience development is being aimed at high income baby boomers, first time home owner millennials, and a continued emphasis on pros (especially in Canada).  As far as total year over year comps, Home Depot announced for fiscal year 2017 growth of 6.7%. Accelerated Analytics customers outperformed this number, growing on average a whopping 14%!

Accelerated Analytics can help you focus on the stores that matter most in these initiatives. Contact to setup a quick demo of how you can obtain reports to ensure you keep you finger on the pulse of your key retail partners’ major initiatives.  Home Depot Outperforms with Accelerated Analytics


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