Accelerated Analytics Customers Outperform Home Depot LY/TY Comps Again

Customers Outperform Rest of Brands in The Home Depot Accelerated Analytics customers who sell their products at The Home Depot saw their third quarter comp sales increase 9.2% over last year! That surpasses the results reported by The Home Depot in their recently released third quarter results. In a blog post on November 15th, we shared The Home Depot’s Q3 results which included reported sales of $25.0 billion, and comparable store sales for the third quarter of fiscal 2017 of positive 7.9 percent.

DIY, Home and Hardware vendors count on Accelerated Analytics to provide an expert reporting solution that empowers their sales, marketing and store operations teams. Our product and store level analytics provides the insights needed to exceed sales goals, increase orders to fully stock their shelves, test plan-o-gram efficiencies, and prepare for line reviews.

Our customers truly are winning at retail because we understand the home improvement retail business inside and out and provide a solution that is specifically targeted to, and designed for, a DIY vendor.

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