Home Depot EDI 852

Home Depot vendors gain a critical advantage using Accelerated Analytics for point of sale data analysis. Home Depot vendors have the opportunity to use EDI 852 data to analyze their business and be very proactive in working with their merchants. A standard Home Depot EDI 852 document contains units sold, units on hand and dollars sold for each SKU and store. By storing this data each week and cross referencing the Home Depot store list, a vendor has the opportunity to understand store and SKU level selling trends and inventory consumption. The Home Depot EDI 852 data provides all the necessary ingredients to calculate key metrics like: inventory weeks of supply on hand, average rate of sale by store and SKU, and if you add your cost information you can arrive at GMROI as well. It has been our experience that Home Depot merchants expect a high degree of data analysis from their vendors, and it has also been our experience that they are very supportive of vendors who use the data to make recommendations on how to improve the business. The key to success is selecting a service provider like Accelerated Analytics that can help you store the data each week, calculate key metrics, and make the analysis and reports available to your sales teams in a timely fashion. Accelerated Analytics also provides advanced analysis like GMROI by plan-o-gram, which is critically important in working with your merchant. Armed with this data, we have seen vendors dramatically increase sales and optimize inventory levels.

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