Target EDI 852 Reporting

If you are a vendor supplying to Target, you are eligible to receive product sales activity and inventory data via EDI 852. Preparing to setup and receive the EDI 852 files can be confusing, and creating usable reports for your team can be very time consuming. Fortunately, Accelerated Analytics® provides a simple, outsourced service for all your Target EDI 852 reporting needs.

Using Accelerated Analytics® makes all your reporting headaches go away. With Accelerated Analytics®, we handle all the data conversion, database hosting, and reporting. We even provide training and the end user reporting tools. 

Accelerated Analytics® benefits:

  • Eliminate manual data entry and manipulation
  • Consolidate all Target store data on all your SKU’s into one reporting database
  • Pre-built exception reports with color coded dashboards
  • No software or hardware to purchase
  • Sophisticated charts and graphs

Available reports:

  • This weeks sales and inventory by store and SKU
  • Last weeks sales and inventory by store and SKU
  • This months sales and inventory by store and SKU
  • 6 week rolling sales and inventory by store and SKU
  • Sell-thru
  • Inventory turns
  • Days supply on hand 
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