Analyzing Retailer POS Return Data Critical for Customer Satisfaction in Omnichannel Age

Retailers are striving to minimize return rates and maximize customer satisfaction. In a recent survey from Voxware, it was revealed that 57% of consumers are returning items they purchased online. 42% noted the products they received were in the wrong size or color and 15% said they received the wrong product altogether. Nearly 20% of consumers say they received an incorrect item a second time.

By analyzing return data, retailers can gain a better understanding of consumer preferences and behavior, as well as survey their internal supply chain and warehousing abilities.

Retailers are focusing heavily on omnichannel. Customers expect to buy what they want, how they want, when they want and have it delivered quickly to wherever they want them. Consumers can order online and pick up in a store, order from a brick and mortar store and have it shipped to them or the store, and order directly online. This requires store operations to effectively manage picking and shipping, turning each store into a warehouse.

Retailers need to analyze their business processes though POS and return data to drive sell-through velocity, margin improvements and customer loyalty.

While customers may be willing to forgive retailers after one return experience, 45% of respondents stated that they have limited their shopping with the retailer – both online and in-store after a second return.


Resources: Retail Touchpoints, Multichannel Merchant