Why Accelerated?

We Collect, Analyze and Report on EDI 852 and POS Data.

And We Do It Better.

Accelerated Analytics® is a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for collecting, analyzing, and reporting on retail EDI 852, POS, and supply chain data. Accelerated Analytics includes rich web based analytics and mobile access so that business users can focus on responding faster, optimizing assortments and increasing sales. Our tools provide years of best practices in retail merchandising. Hover over the graphic below for a detailed description of how our solution works.

All of your data gathering for EDI 852 and retail POS from portals is automated to eliminate manual handling. History can be loaded for year over year comparisons.

Additional data can be integrated to sales activity including item descriptions, item images, item hierarchies, shipping, purchase orders, demographics, weather and store location details. Data is cleansed and validated, and calculations are created for sell-thru, margins, average sales and more.

Our solution is cloud-based and all data is stored in a customized data warehouse specifically for your business, so there’s no need to store data internally. A complete history is stored at an item and store level, providing long-term trend analysis.

You can view your data with one-click access to dashboard views that include graphic charts and graphs. We offer dozens of expert reports for top sellers, sell-thru, on-hand and stock out exposure. Exception highlighting brings problems quickly into focus. Plus, use our mobile app on your tablet or smart phone when you’re on-the-go.

Quickly and easily analyze your data at the store and item level with one-click drill, sorting and filtering. Our tool allows you to view both demographics and weather by store and zip codes. And, you’ll be able to identify sales and inventory trends with ease. Generating a full profitability analysis has never been easier.

Accelerated Analytics makes it easy to collaborate with your team. You can export, share notes and send reports directly to your field sales reps or buyers.


Respond Faster

No more racing against the clock to gather, consolidate and analyze your POS data in time to make meaningful a decision. We know how to integrate your item catalog, shipping data, markdown information and other key files for a comprehensive view of your business. Your reports will be ready within hours of retailers transmitting your data, enabling you to visually identify trends and quickly pinpoint slow moving items or stock-out situations. You’ll be able to leverage data to collaborate quickly and execute strategies that will optimize inventory levels and increase sales. And all of that valuable time you saved? It can be spent where it matters most – growing your business.


Optimize Inventory

Stop playing catch-up and struggling to stay ahead of common retail issues. With Accelerated Analytics, you’ll understand demand at a store level, making it easier to respond to hot-selling items and local preferences. You’ll be able to closely monitor promotion effectiveness for maximum results. And, with our forecast reports and low inventory and out of stock alerts, you’ll be able to manage store performance and ensure that your products are on the selling floor. In a nutshell, we’ll empower you to make data-driven inventory decisions that result in your customers being able to find and buy your product.


Increase Sales

We’ll give you the critical data and actionable insights that you need to win at retail. We apply exception conditions to quickly draw attention to slow moving items or stock-out situations, as well as images, charts and dashboards to visually identify trends. Empowered to make faster and better-informed decisions, you’ll be able to improve efficiency, increase sales and maximize profitability. With the right products in the right stores at the right times, your customers will be able to find and buy your products. Meeting the expectations of your customers is every retailer’s top priority and the key to your success.