Accelerated Analytics Celebrates 19 Years of Retail Insights

Happy Birthday (to all of us together)!

On September 3rd of 2003, Accelerated Analytics kicked into action… and for the last 19 years, we’ve helped countless global and start-up brands gain better insights on their day-to-day retail operations. As our team reflects on all that we’ve been through in the industry together, we’re grateful for our clients, partners, and peers. Here’s to the next 19 together!

“To our customers and partners that have weathered not just one or even two, but multiple, back-to-back industry storms, we’re cautiously optimistic about the months ahead of us. You, your brand, and your teams have been through the thick and thin of some of the most volatile economic times in recent memory. From DOTCOM and social ebbs and flows, to the Retail Apocalypse and the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re proud to be among those that came through strong.” – Chad Symens