Severe Weather Impact Report – Hurricane Ian’s Retail Impact Compiled

The Accelerated Analytics team has compiled a comprehensive overview of Hurricane Ian’s impact on the US.

The report, which includes event timelines, tracking maps, civilian and business infrastructure damage analysis, focuses in on the significant impact that the storm has brought to our shores and to the retail industry as a whole. As road closures, power, and internet outages persisted during and after the event, retail sales undoubtedly suffered alongside the impacted region’s civilian population. For brand managers and supply chain specialists seeking answers on the dip in retail numbers leading up to, during, and after this severe weather event, or for those seeking to prepare for future severe weather events, the report offers a powerful 30,000 foot perspective. To download the Severe Weather Impact Report for Hurricane Ian 2022, click here.

As a Central Florida business with employees living in the heart of the impact zone, the Accelerated Analytics family extends our hearts out to all those affected by Hurricane Ian. We also thank those who have continued to support the local communities throughout Florida and the Southeast.