End of COVID DIY boom? Accelerated Analytics is Helping Pave the Path Forward

With all of the problems that COVID brought (for everyone across the board), DIY retail actually enjoyed a boom in 2020 from homeowners leveraging the societal outage to finally tackle those at-home projects. Partially spurred by concerns over proximity with traditionally-hired DIY professionals, homeowners were now taking on these projects themselves. However, with restrictions beginning to ease, DIY is seeing a pivot away from the 2020 consumer-led rush and back towards those professionals once again…

  1. Once COVID-cautious DIY home improvement consumers are now more comfortable having DIY professionals back in their home.
  2. Both The Home Depot and Lowe’s now see the biggest opportunities ahead being home professional sales.
  3. Both retailers are utilizing their individual advantages and taking big steps to gain ground with the “Pick-Up Truck Pro”.

With this in mind, there exists compounding factors that are driving retail sales for DIY brands. The industry can expect some big sways in DIY product sales across the country as these professionals have alternative sources for materials in bulk and often buy significantly-different products at these retailers than consumers have during this last year. As these factors layer on top of one another, Accelerated Analytics’ retail reporting solution has continued to help retail manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors navigate the turbulent waters.

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