Is Brick & Mortar coming back? A GREAT question answered by Accelerated Analytics…

As the pandemic impact shows signs of subsiding (as more and more customers are vaccinated and return to traditional B&M shopping routines), questions nevertheless remain…

  1. When are these valued customers coming back?
  2. Where are they going to show up and are they going to show up in larger (or smaller) numbers?
  3. Are they tire-kicking or are they ready to get to back to the business of supporting retailers/brand manufacturers and wholesalers?
  4. Which categories of products are they buying again in person and which are they now committed to buying online?

There are plenty of questions that nearly everyone in the industry has along these lines and Accelerated Analytics is helping brands answer these questions and more with agile retail POS reporting tools that can track more granular, SKU-level and DOOR-level details while also helping map out the Regional or Retail-level ins and outs of their product lines.

Get a better understanding of where and how your product is moving with granular data and easy-to-read automated POS reporting – talk to our team today for a demo.