The Home Depot Honors Accelerated Analytics Client: LP Building Solutions

LP wins Merchandising Partner of the Year for Lumber, listing both product innovation and Retailer-Vendor communication as important factors in the win.

LP took this lead ahead of several hundred Lumber department suppliers, highlighting the significance of this win as LP Director of National Sales and Marketing for OSB Craig Miles listed innovation as a core motivator moving forward.

Accelerated Analytics is proud to have LP as one of our legacy clients and we look forward to continuing our support for their brand management team’s POS data and reporting needs!

For over 18 years, Accelerated Analytics has helped provide retail industry peers with POS data insights. The last several years have proven that data analysis continues to be a pivotal tool in manufacturers’, distributors’ and wholesalers’ arsenals. Still trying to see where you sit in the market? Be sure to talk to our team today for a demo and see what we can do for your brand team.