Accelerated Analytics Provides Free Industry Research

Accelerated Analytics has released the latest in a series of retail industry whitepapers, Improving Performance With Out Of Stock Analysis. This document reintroduces the reader to the steps to arrive at the valuation, the history, as well as tips on better applying it to your own business. This whitepaper joins other recent documents in the series:

  1. SKU Analysis
  2. SKU Forecasting

This latest research document, Out Of Stock Analysis, can be found here.

For over 18 years, Accelerated Analytics has helped provide retail industry peers with POS data insights. The last several years have proven that data analysis continues to be a pivotal tool in manufacturers’, distributors’ and wholesalers’ arsenals. Still trying to see where you sit in the market? Be sure to talk to our team today for a demo and see what we ca do for your brand team.