Accelerated Analytics Announces the SWIR (Severe Weather Impact Report)


Retail Industry Severe Weather Impact Reports For Sales Analysts


“EDI 852 & POS data solutions team, Accelerated Analytics, delivers new series of retail weather impact reports for industry insiders”


Retail POS reporting specialists Accelerated Analytics launches new line of reports focused on severe weather impact on retail sales and supply chain. The “SWIR” (Severe Weather Impact Report) series, which soft-launched in September to Accelerated Analytics subscribers, details the effects that severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, ice storms, and flooding, etc. have on retail sales and supply management.

“As data enthusiasts, we’re excited to share what we’ve learned about each of these events.” said Chad Symens, CEO & Founder at Accelerated Analytics. “We can all expect an increasing flow of severe weather occurrences and the more that we can learn about their impact on retail sales and supply chain, the better prepared we can be – from a sales and supply perspective.”

2018’s back-to-back Category 4 and Category 5 hurricanes Florence and Michael both launch the series which highlights each severe weather event’s unique regional impact on the general public and the corresponding effects on retail sales and supply chain management throughout the affected regions. These include direct effects such as wind and flood-related retail closures, and indirect (and often longer-lasting), retail impact caused by damaged access routes and power/internet outages.

“There’s longer-lasting devastation that modern severe weather events are bringing.” Symens continued. “They’re tearing up entire retail access routes and bringing down region-wide retail infrastructure like power and internet – for weeks at a time. As we all adjust, retail data analysts and supply chain managers will need to hone their understanding of these events and adapt and build reaction plans for inevitable high-impact events coming down the line in the 2020’s.”

In addition to insights on each event itself, Accelerated Analytics offers access to the impacted zip codes (zip codes that experienced either direct or indirect sales and/or supply chain impact due to the severe weather event). This secondary data set, intended for those seeking to review or augment their own regional sales data for the period of impact, lists out zip codes on a separate spreadsheet and is accessible upon request from within the report itself.

Severe Weather Impact Report(s) along with other Accelerated Analytics articles, infographics, videos and insights, are provided as part of the Accelerated Analytics thought leadership and retail community outreach program. To access the Hurricane Florence Severe Weather Impact report, retail insiders can go here. Or, to access the Hurricane Michael Severe Weather Impact report, retail insiders can go here. Signup for either of the reports grants immediate, first access to future reports in the series.

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