Happy 15th Birthday Accelerated Analytics!

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The idea for Accelerated Analytics started with a vision….a vision of a group of people intrigued by the impact of information. In 2003, Chad Symens, Founder and President, turned that vision into a reality in a small office in Canton, Ohio, where he and a few others mined data and transitioned it into an impactful reporting product for retailers. The concept grew, as did the organization, resulting in the opening of new corporate headquarters in Bradenton, Florida and continued growth to the employee base. Today, Accelerated Analytics provides POS data for dozens of brands and employs a team of database engineers, analysts, program managers, sales, marketing and support staff. Accelerated Analytics renewed its presence in the Midwest with a newly opened satellite office this year in Canton, Ohio. In addition to celebrating its anniversary, the company launched a new, ultra modern and powerful version of its POS reporting and analysis portal to its customers this Fall. Says CEO, Chad Symens, “I am delighted with the growth and success of our organization this past 15 years, and thrilled for the many more exciting years ahead. We stand by our mission to provide our customers with expert solutions to increase sales through better inventory management and product assortment decisions. We continue our vision of being the dominant retail point of sale reporting and analytics solution.”