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Bloomingdale's EDI Compliance Made Easy

Getting your business EDI-ready with Bloomingdale’s is easier than you think and we can get you up and running without the pain or time involved in software installs. Accelerated Analytics manages a vast network of pre-wired EDI connectivity with retailers, brands, 3PL’s, distributors, carriers, grocers, etc.. Be sure to check out all the Bloomingdale’s EDI documentation below!


The One EDI Solution You Need

Get EDI compatible on 852 sales and inventory reporting right out of the gate… and without any software to install or complex databases or reports to build. We have over 15 years of established retailer relationships, which makes us the only solution you need to fully leverage the EDI 852 your retail partners provide to expand sales and manage inventory. With Accelerated Analytics, you can be up and running in days.

What is EDI? It’s an abbreviation for “Electronic Data Interchange”

EDI (“Electronic Data Interchange”) documents are used to pass electronic information from one company’s business system on to another while using a single, standardized format that both systems can interpret. EDI is the process of transmitting the data and the translation of that data into a more-standardized format. EDI empowers brands to share data electronically as opposed to paper document exchange and is therefore an important automation element for most business processes.

Trusted EDI Experts

With over 16 years of established relationships with hundreds of national & international brands, our team is deeply familiar with each of the supply chain specifications (and hurdles) that your brand faces. We know you need detailed, accurate reporting every morning and you can’t dedicate expensive payroll to make it happen.

You need your analysts to analyze retail sale and inventory, not do research on EDI 852 and value-added networks (VAN) and VICS 4030 vs VICS 4010 – we get it. We’ve been dealing with EDI for over 15 years, so we know all the technical jargon, we know who to call, we know what’s in each EDI document, and we can make it all work seamlessly to create beautiful sales and inventory reports for your team.

Common EDI Documents

  • Product Activity Data 852
  • Invoice 810
  • Purchase Order 850
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • Advance Ship Notice 856
  • And more…

Bloomingdale's EDI / Portal FAQs


Bloomingdale's EDI / Macynet Portal Format Chart

Not every retailer is the same when it comes to EDI and/or Vendor Portal Data support. In fact, while EDI is fairly standard, the way that each retailer uses it varies a lot. One retailer has dollars sold in the EDI 852, another does not. Some retailers have a price segment in their EDI 852 document, while others do not. What are you supposed to do with that? Why does this retailer send inventory on hand in a separate EDI document and sales in another EDI document? Don’t worry! Here’s an easy Bloomingdale’s EDI comparison chart…

EDI 852
Day Grain
Week Grain
Yes (AUR * Units Sold)
Gross (Sales and Returns)
VICS 4010
Department #
Vendor #
Yes (Unique for sales and returns)
Van Qualifier

Here Are Some Helpful Bloomingdale's EDI Tutorials & Documents

The Accelerated Analytics team is always seeking out ways to help the retail manufacturer, wholesale distributor, import specialist, marketing specialist, data analyst, and sales manager. Each week, we add a new blog article, infographic, or video to our lineup of community insights. For Bloomingdale’s and/or Macysnet Portal technical & support documentation, here are some helpful specifications…

Bloomingdale's EDI Tutorial / Overview

Bloomingdale’s has updated their documentation to reflect that it no longer requires or utilizes packing slips in the receiving process for vendors who implement Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN’s). However, if they haven’t received an accurate ASN prior to physical receipt of the shipment at their Distribution Center, a $10 per carton expense will be charged to the vendor.

Simple oversights or basic documentation errors can be a common (and significant) source of charge-backs or similar fees for unsuspecting vendors. However, these kinds of financial missteps, miscalculated inventory allocation, and general drain on resources can be averted with a solid understanding of Bloomingdale’s EDI compliance terms. Learn more below…

Bloomingdale's EDI Guidelines

Whether already established, or building a new partnership with Bloomingdale’s, EDI compliance is going to be a high priority for vendors. EDI is the primary method of communication for many of the business documents exchanged with Bloomingdale’s and missteps in compliance can be costly. However, in this exchange, both Bloomingdales and the vendor have ample opportunity to help eliminate redundant or erroneous data entries. It should be noted that all Bloomingdale’s EDI requirements do fall within accepted VICS guidelines.

Bloomingdale's EDI Requirements

Bloomingdale’s EDI 852 productivity data for all divisions will be sent on the following days/times:

Monday – Saturday: 08:00 EST / Sunday: 12:00 EST

Enough Talk... Let Us Show You

Accelerated Analytics handles all of the EDI setup to create beautiful sales and inventory reports for you and your team – across all of your retailers. With us, you’ll no longer need to worry about all the technical jargon… VAN updates, VICS changes… don’t worry about it. We’d love to walk you through a live demo and show you personally just how easy your multi-retailer POS reporting can be. Click below and schedule a demo today…