5 Ways to Increase your Sales in 2019

Retail can be a volatile space – at times, it’s a feast-or-famine situation. Many times, a sharp decrease in sales are due to factors outside of human control such as bad weather, product recall, new competition, changing consumer preferences, etc., but there are plenty of ways to combat the bottom-line-eating “slump” in sales. Your business… Read more »

Using your POS Data to Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels

POS Data: More than Numbers Companies can draw insights about consumer behavior using POS data, which defines an intricate correlation between purchases, inventory, seasons and other contributing factors. These sets of data hold a lot of value, but in raw form, the information can be difficult to work with; after being cleaned up and formatted… Read more »

How Gen Z is Changing the World of Retail

The latest generation of consumers is prompting retailers to re-frame their thinking about the customer experience today compared to what it was just a decade ago. Technology is changing the way we shop, thanks to the knowledge, habits and expectations of the generation we know as Millennials – they’ve driven big changes to business worldwide.… Read more »

NRF: Retailers Ramp Up Investment in Intelligent Automation

NRF’s Katherine Cullen (moderator), IBM’s Luq Niazi, Zulily’s Bindu Thota and Intriosity’s Jeff Donaldson. Mark Mathews, VP, Research Development and Industry Analysis January 24, 2019 For most consumers, the shopping experience is a lot different than it was a dozen years ago. That’s when Apple released the first iPhone. Now smartphones are ubiquitous, and they’ve had… Read more »

The Future of Retail Forecasting: Quality over Quantity in 2019

Work Smarter In 2019, even the most traditional retailers are realizing that the key to a successful retail strategy in today’s market is the collection, analysis and implementation of data. When we talk about data, we’re not saying that you should be amassing every last bit you can get your hands on – we’re talking… Read more »