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Ulta Account Executive

You’re about to meet with your buyer.

Just before the meeting, you log in to the Accelerated Analytics portal to access historical data. Based on past sales, you’re able to easily predict inventory needs and suggest order quantities to your buyer. At the meeting, your numbers match the buyer’s numbers perfectly (Wait, what? Yup, perfectly.), so instead of wasting time trying to resolve data and number differences, you’re able to spend the entire meeting discussing strategies to drive sales in their stores. And daily data? Your buyer doesn’t necessarily have access to that, so you can inform her about how the current week is going.


Ulta Business Planner

Imagine it is first thing Monday morning, and your team needs the latest sales data.

You log in to the Accelerated Analytics portal, and in less than 5 minutes you’re able to pull the reports. You’ve e-mailed top-line business results at Ulta to the executives, and you’ve sent item and store-level reports of units and dollar sales, sell thru, and percent-to-plan data to the sales team, Account Executives, and the field teams. You’re barely on your second cup of coffee and your reporting is done! Colleagues who struggle to pull and consolidate reports for their retailers will be working on spreadsheets throughout the day!


Ulta Field Rep

It’s Monday morning and you need to plan your store visits for next week.

With just a few clicks, you log in to the Accelerated Analytics portal and run the reports that identify which stores aren’t selling to plan, which stores have out of stocks or too much stock, and where you’re losing sales. You plan your week around the most critical issues so that you prioritize your store visits. Then, you walk into the store with the data in hand – there’s no need to get a floor manager to run a report for you or show you your inventory. Did your store associate just mention that you are out of stock? Well, you have the report that says otherwise, and sure enough, you find the box of product and get it on the floor to sell.

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