Welcome to Accelerated Analytics

We know that retail POS data holds the key to understanding how your products are performing at a store level. So we wake up every morning thinking about how to help you use that data to drive sales and be even more successful than the day, week, month or year before.

At Accelerated Analytics, we’ve been collecting, analyzing and reporting on POS and EDI 852 data for some of the biggest brands in DIY, Home & Hardware, not to mention Beauty, Consumer Products, and Fashion, since 2003. Our team includes talented project managers, engineers, and business analysts with a passion for retail and a knack for numbers. And our dynamic sales, creative and administrative staff keep us inspired and our business moving forward.

Together, we’ll transform the way you use your POS data. It will be easy to use, timely, insightful and powerful. Welcome to Accelerated Analytics.



With over 50 years of combined experience in retail data and retail business analysis, our fearless leaders are experienced, insightful and passionate about what we do.

Chad Symens

Founder and CEO

Chad Symens | Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur. Inventor. Technology Strategist. With nearly 20 years of leadership, technology and retail and supply chain analytics experience, Chad understands the challenges that both brands and retailers face in today’s ever-changing, omni-channel retail marketplace. Early in his career, Chad worked in information technology services helping companies like Sherwin-Williams, Timken and Carter-Lumber implement technology solutions to improve revenue performance and decrease operations costs. In 2003, Chad started Accelerated Analytics, focusing on capturing and analyzing the wealth of information and unique story contained within POS data. Through his leadership, the company has become a leading provider of retail point of sale reporting and analysis services.

Chad is an accomplished speaker and author, and his work has been featured in numerous retail publications and at multiple retail industry events. Chad is a graduate of the University of Akron with a B.S. in Business Administration and lives in Bradenton, FL with his wife and three children. When he’s not working you can find Chad training for his next marathon, seeking adventure with his family in their RV, or practicing his considerable cooking skills.


the team

Helen Thomas

Office Administrator

Helen Thomas | Office Administrator

Helen started her career in the machine tool industry in the United Kingdom coordinating marketing and managing sponsorship activities linked to the heady world of Formula 1 racing.  Having experienced the thrill of motorsport, a move to a prestigious rally driving company duly followed, but was cut short to follow her husband to the USA to pursue an exciting career opportunity.  Thrust into the challenges of acclimating to a foreign country while creating a stable family life, Helen discovered her ability to be adaptable and flexible to any situation, ideal for the varied demands of her role with Accelerated Analytics. Helen enjoys the year-round outdoor lifestyle of Florida with her husband and teen sons.

Jack Burk

Microsoft Reporting Engineer

Jack Burk | Microsoft Reporting Engineer

A former computer science student, Jack joined Accelerated Analytics after the company ran a team project with his class at Florida Polytechnic University. His openness to learning new skills has helped him acquire the technical knowledge required to develop the dynamic reports created by the company, as well as utilize the other programs that support the back-end infrastructure. Born and raised in Florida, Jack has relocated from St. Petersburg to Bradenton so that he can commute to work by bicycle. Outside of work, Jack enjoys cycling, playing tabletop games with his friends, and watching the Bucs game on Sundays. He plans to go back and finish out his degree when he can find the time.

Jeff Morrison

Client Services Manager

Jeff Morrison | Client Services Manager

Jeff joined Accelerated Analytics in May of 2015 as our first dedicated Project Manager. With more than 5 years of retail store management experience and nearly 5 years of Project Management experience, Jeff efficiently assists clients in both identifying their needs and ensuring each project is a success. Jeff is an alumni of Illinois State University, where he double majored in Business Administration and Risk Management/Loss Prevention. When not busy at work, Jeff enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time on the golf course. Even though he currently resides in Central Florida, Jeff is an avid fan of all Chicago sports. Let’s go Cubbies!!

Kevin Geary

Senior Operations Analyst

Kevin Geary | Senior Operations Analyst

Kevin is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a degree in psychology.  He started his career as a sales analyst for BRIO Toy Corporation.  After BRIO, Kevin spent almost twenty years as a retail sales reporting analyst.  Kevin joined Accelerated Analytics as an Operations Analyst in 2017.He lives in South Bend, IN with his wife Annie.  Together they enjoy going to Notre Dame football and basketball games.

Keоkỉ Ƭrask

Marketing Manager

Keоkỉ Ƭrask | Marketing Manager

For more than two decades, Keоkỉ has used his diverse background in multimedia development, software architecture, product engineering, and manufacturing automation to help brands such as Disney, Universal, Hallmark, CVS, Target, Bravo TV, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and more find and maintain their ideal position in the markets they serve. A self-proclaimed C-level thinker, IP hobbyist, and product packaging artisan, Keоkỉ lives outside of the box and works to build bridges between teams, markets and concepts (old or new). Keоkỉ has a Tony Robbins enthusiasm for life and is passionate about discovering new skills, creative problem-solving and hearing the stories of how people are living their dreams through their careers and hobbies. Born and raised in Southern California, Keоkỉ hails Asheville, North Carolina as his hometown. He now lives in the sunny Tampa Bay area of Florida with his family.

Krista Symens

Corporate Secretary

Krista Symens | Corporate Secretary

As Corporate Secretary of Accelerated Analytics, Krista worked alongside her husband, Chad, to launch the company back in 2003. With a degree in nursing and a background in pediatrics, it turns out that experience working in a high-paced doctor’s office providing medical services to young children and babies is a great training program for working at a high-growth analytics company! Both careers require a high attention to detail, great customer service and the ability to work on a variety of projects each day.

Chad and Krista have three children and an adorable golden retriever. When she is not in the office, Krista enjoys reading, spending time with her family, traveling, and cuddling with her dog, Sir Henry, who is the company’s Director of Happiness.

Nicolas Ugrin

Operations Analyst

Nicolas Ugrin | Operations Analyst

After graduating from Malone University, Nic spent 6 years as a back office specialist and customer service coordinator with Speed North America. Nic worked mainly with hardware retailers, being heavy involved with internal sales, production and sales reporting, as well as forecast planning and customer/consumer relations. Nic joined Accelerated Analytics in May 2021, and we are happy to add his experience and value to the team! Nic currently resides in Canton, OH with his wife Megan and 3 young children. In his off time; Nic coaches club and high school soccer, and joins Tim as they root together for Chelsea FC.

Peter Spillane

Engineering Manager

Peter Spillane | Engineering Manager

Peter has spent the last 20 years honing his skills in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.  For the most recent 8 years he ran the BI team and the entire BI stack, for a large UK shoe manufacturer.  He was also instrumental in the successful launch of that company in the US market, during which time Peter acquired a taste for the American way of life and moved here permanently in January 2017.

Peter now lives in Florida with his wife Natalie, who was born and bred in Florida and is the real reason that he is here.  In his spare time Peter plays the guitar and tinkers around with computers.

Scott Shadle

Sr Software Engineer / Developing Manager

Scott Shadle | Sr Software Engineer / Developing Manager

With over 16 years of retail and technical experience, Scott’s considerable knowledge and experience help Accelerated Analytics build a stronger product and continue to grow. Scott has spent the past four years as part of the team that engineers the backend of Accelerated Analytics and he takes great pride in coming up with new ideas to continually improve our product and contribute to the company’s growth

Prior becoming a Software Engineer, Scott spent nine years on the retail side. He was in charge of over 200 clients and managed every aspect of the business from sales to delivery.  
Scott is an alumnus of Kent State University where he studied computer programming and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Outside of Accelerated Analytics Scott enjoys spending time with his family.

Shelly Hagan

Operations Planner

Shelly Hagan | Operations Planner

Upon joining Accelerated Analytics in February of 2019, Shelly brings over 15 years of retail experience in retail management and data analysis. She spent the last 5 years investigating fraud within retail. Shelly received her bachelor’s degree from Kent State University. When Shelly is not working she enjoys running with her sister and spending time with her husband, Bryce and her two daughters.

Sir Henry

Director of Happiness

Sir Henry | Director of Happiness

Sir Henry is the company’s Director of Happiness. He takes his role very seriously and works hard to make his co-workers, clients and visitors feel loved and welcomed. He’s especially vigilant in making his daily rounds to the humans to ensure they have a happy day and checking if they need a play break! Henry took this important position in April of 2018.

Away from work, Sir Henry spends his time with his humans camping, swimming, going for long walks and sleeping.

Steve Felix

Senior Operations Analyst

Steve Felix | Senior Operations Analyst

Steve joined Accelerated Analytics in May 2017 while completing his degree in Computer Science. He previously spent two years as a graphic designer, creating programmatically generated personalized graphic products for an Akron, OH based marketing company. In between, he founded a non-profit cinema, and as a volunteer, he created websites and graphics for local arts organizations. Now Steve lives in Seattle, WA, and enjoys frequenting the cinemas there.

Tim Nguyen

Sr. Business Analyst

Tim Nguyen | Sr. Business Analyst

Tim is a graduate of James Madison University with a Bachelor’s degree in both Economics and Biology. He previously worked as a Fuel Pricing Analyst for GPM Investments in Richmond, VA. Tim joined Accelerated Analytics in early 2017 as a Business Analyst and has relocated to the Sarasota – Bradenton area where the company is headquartered.

In his free time, Tim enjoys playing video games and watching Chelsea FC dominate the soccer field. Recently married, Tim and his wife, Ashley, enjoy exploring the local beaches, trying out different restaurants, and spending time with their two cats, Mallow and Snickers.

Waylon Binger

Business Analyst

Waylon Binger | Business Analyst

Waylon began his career with Accelerated Analytics after graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in Business Management in 2011.

He joined the team as a Business Analyst, where his roles included designing, testing and publishing point of sale reports, as well as addressing customer needs on an ad hoc basis in order to ensure our customers receive the highest possible level of service.  He has since graduated to his current role of Program Manager.

Today, Waylon manages accounts from the DIY space to the Beauty, Footwear & Fragrance spaces. He helps our customers reap the benefits of Accelerated Analytics’ vast resources in order to get the most out of sales, inventory and other business performance data.  When Waylon’s customers have key information and receive the training they need to understand it, they can make informed business decisions that lead to increased market share and overall business success.

Waylon and his wife live in Astoria, OR and enjoy camping, kayaking and backpacking with their two dogs on the weekends.