Trade Promotion Dollar ROI

If there is one problem common to vendors selling products through a retail channel, it is getting a handle on the ROI of trade promotion dollars.  Unless you are responsible for spending and managing these funds, it’s hard to appreciate the complexity of this problem.  But the reality is, as much as 30% of sales… Read more »

The EDI 852 Dilemma

In the past week, the Accelerated Analytics team has been contacted by 6 vendors looking for a solution to their EDI 852 data analysis problem.  Simply put, their retail customers are sending weekly sales and invenotory data, but they are challenged on how to translate the data and turn it into smart business decisions.  If… Read more »

Accelerated Analytics Forms Strategic Alliance

Accelerated Analytics, Blacks Retail Analysis Announce Strategic Alliance To Provide Clients with Expert Merchandising & Forecasting Services AKRON, OH & SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCT. 24, 2006 – Accelerated Analytics point of sale reporting and inventory management service, is pleased to announced a strategic alliance with consulting firm Blacks Retail Analysis, offering clients expert advice on… Read more »

Wal-Mart Invincible?

There was an interesting article in the WSJ yesterday titled: “Wal-Mart’s Fashion Faux Pas: Soft Apparel Sales.”  We often hear some version of the now familiar old refrain, Wal-Mart is killing everybody… don’t even try to compete with them.   We hear this from all levels of management at both large and small companies.  There seems to be… Read more »

SKU Rationalization

SKU rationalization is an interesting process.  We have been working with a client to help them analyze product performance with the goal of reducing under-performing SKU’s.  This lead us to research other organizations that have tackled this same problem.  We found an encouraging example worth sharing.  In the April 2006 Harvard Business Review, there is an… Read more »

August & September Executive Moves

Saks, Inc. reported Andrew Jennigs resigned as president and Stephen Sadove will assume Jennings’ position. RadioShack reported Claire Babrowski resigned as president & CEO. Jo-Ann Stores promoted James Kerr to executive VP and CFO. Spartan Stores appointed Derek Jones as executive VP supply chain. Family Dollar Stores promoted James Kelly to COO. Charming Shoppes, Inc.… Read more »

Noteworthy conference

The Accelerated Analytics team has been asked to exhibit and provide a keynote presentation at the upcoming Vendor Collaboration Federation conference. Global Retail Trading Partners Unite!Sunday, Nov 05, 2006 – Wednesday, Nov 08, 2006 View conference information This conference will provide an excellent opportunity to learn what retailers and vendors alike are doing with new… Read more »

Reporting vs. Planning

Several times in the last few days, our team has been involved in discussions with vendors regarding the difference between reporting and planning.  Surprisingly, many vendors see these two as synonymous functions, when in fact the are distinctly different. Reporting involves looking at what happened in a past period.  The period could be five minutes… Read more »

Is Supplier Collaboration Such a Risk?

This is the headline story in the October 2006 Integrated Solutions for Retailers magazine.  The story details the efforts Dillard’s is making to share store level sales and inventory data with suppliers.  On the one hand, we are pleased to see another large $7.7 billion dollar retailer that “get’s it”, on the other hand we… Read more »

Working with POS data

As we speak with manufacturers about how they are handling POS data from their retail customers, we find they are having trouble with the “noise” inherent in the data.  One of our clients get a very typical EDI 852 file each week with units sold and units on hand for each UPC for each store. … Read more »