Noteworthy conference

The Accelerated Analytics team has been asked to exhibit and provide a keynote presentation at the upcoming Vendor Collaboration Federation conference. Global Retail Trading Partners Unite!Sunday, Nov 05, 2006 – Wednesday, Nov 08, 2006 View conference information This conference will provide an excellent opportunity to learn what retailers and vendors alike are doing with new… Read more »

Reporting vs. Planning

Several times in the last few days, our team has been involved in discussions with vendors regarding the difference between reporting and planning.  Surprisingly, many vendors see these two as synonymous functions, when in fact the are distinctly different. Reporting involves looking at what happened in a past period.  The period could be five minutes… Read more »

Is Supplier Collaboration Such a Risk?

This is the headline story in the October 2006 Integrated Solutions for Retailers magazine.  The story details the efforts Dillard’s is making to share store level sales and inventory data with suppliers.  On the one hand, we are pleased to see another large $7.7 billion dollar retailer that “get’s it”, on the other hand we… Read more »

Working with POS data

As we speak with manufacturers about how they are handling POS data from their retail customers, we find they are having trouble with the “noise” inherent in the data.  One of our clients get a very typical EDI 852 file each week with units sold and units on hand for each UPC for each store. … Read more »

Trade Promotion Management

The Accelerated Analytics team had the pleasure of attending the TPMA show in Chicago last week, as well as presenting a keynote presentation on POS data analysis. Some interesting facts about trade promotion: 53% of companies do not know if their promotions make money 50% of companies do not know if the promotions they run… Read more »

Effective Key Performance Indicators

The Accelerated Analytics team spent a majority of the day to day reviewing retail point of sale data provided by a manufacturer client of ours.  These are large reports with thousands of rows of data organized by UPC, reporting units sold, units on hand, forecast units, etc.  This particular client sells to a ‘big box’ retailer, so… Read more »

Collaboration comming of age?

A recent shared strategy study titled “The State of Collaboration 2005”, by Consumer Goods Technology, RIS, and Forrester, sited some encouraging results our team felt needed to be shared.  read the study Finding #1: almost two-thirds of retailers and manufacturers feel they suffer adverse business effects when they do not collaborate. Finding #2: EDI 852 is… Read more »

McDonald’s WiFi

As a marathon runner, McDonald’s is not typically on my list of places to eat.  I have a tough time finding anything there that fits my preferred diet and still tastes good.  But I’ve been reading about their WiFi deployment and I needed to do a few things on the Internet the other day, so I thought I’d give… Read more »

What a difference a year makes…?

When you spend as much time as we do involved in ‘missionary’ conversations educating senior retail and consumer goods executives, it is a breath of fresh air when a research report is published which directly supports your business case.  That is why we were celebrating in November 2005 when the “2005 Shared Strategy Study: The State… Read more »

Applying Sun Tzu to Supply Chain Strategy

I have been reading Sun Tzu over the holiday weekend.  Very interesting reading.  It’s the type of reading where you cover a few lines and then take an hour to reflect on what it means to your business. One passage stuck me:“Therefore, determine the enemy’s plans and you will know which strategy will be successful… Read more »