Retail Sales Performance

The current retail environment is a subject of much discussion. The Accelerated Analytics team analyzes over 7 million units sold at over 650 retailers each week for vendors of consumer products and fashion items. For the last several weeks, we have been seeing consistent week over week growth in all three categories. Here is a… Read more »

EDI 852 Reporting From Home Depot

If you are a Home Depot vendor, you are eligible to receive product sales activity and inventory data via EDI 852 from Home Depot. The Home Depot EDI 852 document will contain SKU/UPC level units sold, units on hand, and dollars sold for every store where your products are sold. The files are sent one… Read more »

Retail Point of Sale Analysis How To Guides

Analyzing point of sale data can be a daunting task for an analyst, especially when there is very little real world training available. That is why the Accelerated Analytics team has written four “how to” guides that share the secrets we use to analyze over 69,000,000 unit sales per week. Now you can get real… Read more »

How Much Are Out-of-Stocks Costing You?

A recent RIS article titled “How Much Are Out-of-Stocks Costing You? Much More Than You Might Think”, by Greg Buzek, provides more evidence that retail out of stocks are costing vendors huge lost sales. Buzek quantifies the scope of the loss; “A retailer that invested in completely fixing its out-of-stock problem would gain a solid… Read more »

Handling On-hand inventory

While EDI 852 is set up to report on-hand inventory quantities, many vendors come to realize the quality of the data reported can be suspect at best.  In this case there are strategies to handle the missing or poor quality data.  One such strategy is to use the shipping quantity and then subtract reported EDI… Read more »

Making the most of POS data analysis

The Accelerated Analytics team is hosting an event in New York City on Feb 21.   If you are responsible for using POS data from your retail customers this is a must attend event.

NRF Show 2007

The Accelerated Analytics team had the opportunity to attend “The Big Show” today in New York City.  If  you are not familiar with the show, this is the annual trade exposition sponsored by the National Retail Federation.  Overall, the show is a good source of industry news and provides an opportunity to spend time learning… Read more »

Using Sell-Thru for decision making

Sell-Thru is a key performance indicator for vendors and retailers alike.  Sell-Thru allows one to understand the velocity with which inventory is being consumed as it relates to sales.  Because sell-thru is a leading indicator, it is also very useful for predictive analysis. When calculating sell-thru, careful consideration should be given to how the formula is… Read more »

Collaboration Key To Survival

Press enquiries For Economist Intelligence Unit: Joanne McKenna, Press Liaison: +44 (0)20 7576 8188   For immediate release:  Wednesday, November 15th 2006  Collaborative partnerships will be key to corporate survival, reveals a new survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit Companies believe collaboration with other companies has become critical to their long-term survival, according to new… Read more »

Noteworthy Trade Promotion Event

If your organization is involved in trade promotion the Accelerated Analytics team highly recommends this event. The next TPMA conference “The Financial Impact of Trade Promotion Management” will be held February 11-13 at the Renaissance Vinoy, St. Petersburg, Florida. View agenda at,  Register Here.  For hotel reservations, contact the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel at 888-303-4430. Contact Mike Kantor at… Read more »