How Home Depot Battles the Amazon Threat

The Home Depot’s record breaking Q2 results this year didn’t prevent investors from being worried about the “Amazon Effect”; they took 3% off of the retailer’s value out of fear that the effect could spread to all area’s of retail. Home Depot Battles Amazon Retailers

Currently, The Home Depot hasn’t been as affected as other retailers, like fashion and department stores. This is attributed to consumers’ desire to see and touch big ticket items like appliances as well as to The Home Depot’s strong digital operations and their focus on professional shoppers like service contractors, property managers and multi-family apartment owners. Since many products in home improvement are not easy to deliver or profitable through online shipping, the retailer offers consumers the option to make their purchase online and pick up the items in the store. And, their mobile app provides a map of their stores so users can easily find the products they are looking for.

In a continued effort to remain “Amazon-proof, The Home Depot recently announced that they will be working with Google Home to offer voice ordering for home improvement products. And in an effort to cater to professional shoppers in the MRO market (maintenance, repair and operations), which make up 30-40% of Home Depot shoppers, the retailer launched a delivery program at the end of 2016 that offers delivery within a two-to four-hour window.


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