Home Depot Focuses on the Online Shopper…By Focusing on Their Stores

The Home Depot has been on the great end of the rebounding housing market with a continued 4% increase in sales in the last quarter, while homeowners work on big remodeling projects like installing decks or remodeling kitchens. Without plans to add more new stores, Home Depot focuses on how to use their existing stores in new ways.

The Home Depot Focuses on the Online Shopper

About 42% of Home Depot online shoppers order online, but pick up in the store. To accommodate that, Home Depot is allocating capital to build out store storage to hold those products. When the customer is in the store, the retailer is trying new displays that help the customer shop easier. For example, the spray-paint section is set up like a soft drink display, so as one can is selected, the next can pops into place. In the lumber and millwork flooring area, the displays are easier for the customer to shop off of on their own, and the signage has been improved.

For the increasing online sales where customers want the items shipped to their homes, Home Depot has opened 3 new fulfillment centers that can deliver orders to 90% of their customers within 2 business days. They are also looking into leveraging their store locations to use local economical transportation for buy-online, ship-to-store orders.

Source: Wall St. Journal, IHRC

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