Analyzing Home Depot Market Sales

Over the past month or so, we have been rolling out new sales analysis for our Home Depot vendors on market performance.  Vendors to Home Depot using EDI 852 know buyers often want to receive sales analysis at a market level.  What we often find, however, is the analysis conducted does not take into consideration the number of stores in the Home Depot market.  To conduct a proper POS analysis of Home Depot markets, you really have to take into account the number of stores in market.  For example, Home Depot market 48 has 80 stores, while market’s 138 and 160 have one store.  By summing the units sold from the EDI 852 to a market level and then dividing by the store count in that market, you can get an average sales per store for the market.  This metric is very useful in comparing the performance of the markets in a meaningful way.  In addition, you can use the SKU count in your plan-o-gram to further compare the performance of the stores at a market level.  You might also consider a store level sales analysis, so you can rank your stores by sales volume A to E.  This lets you not only compare the store against the average sale in the Home Depot market, but also against its sales volume peers.  POS sales analysis by Home Depot market can yield some very actionable results, give it a try.

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