Retail Point of Sale Analysis How To Guides

Analyzing point of sale data can be a daunting task for an analyst, especially when there is very little real world training available. That is why the Accelerated Analytics team has written four “how to” guides that share the secrets we use to analyze over 69,000,000 unit sales per week. Now you can get real world insight, available for download right to your desktop!

The retail data analysis “how to” guides provide category management and business analysts with a practical easy to follow approach for narrowing down large volumes of EDI 852 and retail point of sale data into manageable, actionable reports. Many vendors to Wal-Mart with Retail Link or vendors receiving EDI 852 are have a wealth of data available to them, but analyzing the data on a weekly basis can be challenging. These guides provide insights the Accelerated Analytics team uses to turn the data into improved sales and in-stocks.

If you are a vendor to Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, or any other major retailer, these guides can help you be more successful.

The series contains four “how to” guides with simple step-by-step processes for completing a:
· SKU Analysis
· Store Analysis
· Out of Stock Analysis
· SKU Forecast

Learn more and get your copy here:

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